WHY JOIN A LOCAL CAVING CLUB? All of the above PLUS -  Safety –  Caving can be hazardous and requires specialized equipment and techniques familiar to local clubs. Equipment – Because caving appeals to a relatively small group of recreationists, the specialized equipment appropriate for caving (coveralls, harnesses, ascenders and descenders) is often hard to find.  Local clubs can not only identify equipment suppliers, but can often rent or loan equipment to those needing it.   Technical Experience - Knowledgeable members of local clubs can share their expertise and train you in moving through cave passages with minimum impact and in using single rope techniques for ascending and descending.  Local Knowledge – Local club members know the full range of caving opportunities in their areas (and often elsewhere as well) and can offer you experiences appropriate to your interests, skills and comfort level.   Companionship – One of the most enjoyable aspects of caving can be the comradeship that develops among those who share a common fascination with caves and caving activities such as mapping, photography and the many scientific studies associated with caves – geology, hydrology, biology and archaeology, to name only a few.  Organization – Though the structure of local BCSF member groups varies widely, each provides an organizational and social framework that supports caving activities and interests of all kinds.  Day, weekend and expeditionary caving trips, social gatherings and cave-related projects are all coordinated at the local club level. Cave Stewardship – The sensitive environment of many caves can be easily disrupted or even devastated by uninformed, uncaring or malicious visitors.  Members of local clubs play a key role in trying to conserve caves and their contents by educated and responsible conduct underground, as prescribed in the BCSF Code of Conduct.  In some cases, local club members take on formal stewardship roles to protect particularly sensitive caves by guiding visitors and monitoring impacts. Go to the Member Organizations