WHY JOIN THE FEDERATION? Connections - All individuals affiliated with the BCSF are connected with everyone else in the organized BC caving community through an online group distribution list and a series of website Forums.  These tools enable  them to arrange and join in caving activities, discuss topics of interest and keep informed about issues affecting caves and cavers in BC and elsewhere. Newsletter - Affiliation with the BCSF provides online access to the Federation's quarterly publication, the BC Caver, a high-quality publication containing articles, photographs, cave surveys and news of past, current and future caving activities.  It can be downloaded and printed or obtained as a subscription in hard copy format or on CD and provides a lasting record. Knowledge and Information - Federation affiliates have access to CD collections of BC cave surveys, photographs, articles and other records of interest compiled by the Records Committee.  If you are interested in any of the many aspects of caves and caving, you will find a wealth of information among the membership and records of the organized caving community. Fellowship - Being a member of the organized caving community creates an automatic connection with cavers who are members of caving clubs in the province, the rest of Canada, the United States and around the world.  The BCSF provides the framework within which speleologists, cavers and conservationists can share ideas and work for common goals. Conservation - Adding your name to the BCSF roster strengthens the voice and influence of the caving community in educating governments, resource managers, industry and the general public about the benefits of conserving caves and karst areas.