Formed and registered as a provincial society in 1978, the BC Speleological Federation became the recognized “umbrella organization” for organized caving groups in the province in 1987.  Rather than being an active caving group as such, it exists to represent the interests of organized cavers and to provide a number of essential services to support the members of the caving community in their activities with locally-based groups.  Its constitutional purposes are -     to promote conservation, safety, fellowship and       technological progress among caving groups in       British Columbia; to   promote   speleological   exploration,   mapping,   recording, study and conservation in British Columbia; to   represent   the   expertise   and   interests   of   the   organized caving community in British Columbia; to improve general understanding and appreciation of speleology, recreational caving and the value of caves and karst. The BCSF is a federation of provincial caving organizations, including - Formally organized caving clubs with five or more members.  These are local or regional groups with varying annual dues, degrees of structure and membership services.  Commercial cave tour operator associations comprising at least two active operators.  Such operators generally have some type of formal standards and tenure from a government agency. An association of Individual cavers unaffiliated with other BCSF member clubs.  This association is sponsored by the Federation to enable individuals who are not members of other Federation member organizations to participate in the Federation and its activities. The Federation is governed by a Board consisting of officers elected by the members at the Annual General Meeting and representatives appointed by each member organization in proportion to the size of their memberships and Federation This AGM is held each April and all individuals affiliated with the Federation by virtue of membership in one of its member organizations are welcome to attend and participate as provided in the Federation’s bylaws.