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On Station Cave Survey Software
On Station 3.2 Download
This page is for free distribution of On Station cave survey software. On Station was written by Taco van Ieperen from Calgary, Alberta in the 1990s as a user-friendly alternative to Compass. Survey editing doesn’t require specialized knowledge of weird file formats. There is good support for large projects. In addition to strong storage and retrieval features, On Station has great rendering options. Render your cave system and the surrounding surface using different colours and drawing options. On Station’s loop closure capabilities allow you to correct errors in loops. This allows you to use On Station to process your data as a starting point for published maps. On Station’s query capabilities are useful for big projects. Use On Station to show leads, colour surveys by team members, etc..... Use AND and OR queries to control the displays. This program is distributed as Free-Ware. There are no restrictions on its use.  On Station was written entirely by volunteers in the late 1990s. In 2012, Taco van Ieperen updated the code for Windows 7 and Visual Studio 2012. The source code is freely available. Chief Developer: Taco van Ieperen ( Loop Closure Math and Coding: Pierre Lebel
Download Onstation There are two necessary files:
Download both files, and click on “setup.exe” to install. The installation should also add an OnStation icon to your desktop
setup.exe Setup.msi setup.exe